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AlbumSee helps you to create and view a photo album or slide show
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AlbumSee is a suite of two programs, AlbumSee Wizard and AlbumSee Viewer, which can help you to create and view a photo album or a slide show.
Right from the start, the suite begins with AlbumSee Wizard featuring a predefined interface. I must say that this window is pretty crowded and you can't enlarge it. It provides specific options to help you create, edit or send via e-mail a photo album. An option that caught my attention was the possibility to set a password. Thus, only you or those to whom you shared the secret combination of characters will be able to view the album. Another smart feature is the one which consists in previewing the photos that will later populate your album. In this way, you have the certitude that you have picked the right images. Moreover, you can add a comment to each picture. I consider it a valuable option because, in time, memories fade and you will not be able to identify accurately the "story" behind that photo (what was the occasion, when and why the picture was taken). In the end, you can preview the final result of your work, you can save the album to a specified location, and you can send it via e-mail.

When pressing the View button, the second program of the suite is actually running. The AlbumSee Viewer features more than simple options which enable you to change the speed of running, modify the font color, as well as the size of photo description. What's more, you have a possibility to save an individual photo or print it.

From my point of view, the application is intended for people who don't have much knowledge in the field of photo album creation, or for those who prefer speed at the expense of quality. I think there is room for improvement. When saying this, I refer to additional options in AlbumSee Wizard such as a maximizing button, jump to main window, transition from one photo to another with effect. Regarding AlbumSee Viewer, I would like to have the possibility to minimize the window for a temporary exit, and not to close it as it is now.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Quick photo albums editing
  • Basic graphic formats supported
  • Sending the photo album or slide show on e-mail


  • You can't temporary exit AlbumSee Viewer
  • Lack of effects
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